March 17, 2008

What Are the Odds

Saturday, March 15th was going to be a different type of day. I went out to find an answer about the mattress that came in that morning. I stopped at the Monastery Chapel to find all the Nuns are sick and no Adoration. I still paid a visit as our Lord rested in the Tabernacle. But after I left there, I was still not having a a good rapport with our Lord. I was having those moments with him about a few things. Well anyway, I never thought about writing it down, there was so much to think about. On my way back home I stopped at the other Chapel I always go to. When I opened the entryway door, I could smell what smelled like hundreds of flowers. I didn't see any in the entryway, so I entered the Chapel expecting to see it full of flowers and none but the usual peace lily. So I kneel up front, it's a small Chapel by the way, it only seats twelve. There were two other women in there also doing their hour. I did my visit and all I could smell was such an overwhelming abundance of fragrant flowers. When I knelt at the back of the Chapel I asked the ladies if someone sprayed a fragrance because it smelled like it was full of flowers. One of the ladies began to smile and then said, that's a good sign. They never said they smelled flowers.

So sometime later I brought my mom to see if she could smell them. It was strong in the entryway but not in the Chapel. We did see a small hyacinth at the foot of Jesus' picture, I picked it up and smelled it, it wasn't quite the same smell. Who would figure that one small flower pot could smell like hunderds of flowers and yet the women never smelled it, but my mom and I did.

It's like what are the odds for this to smell so fragrant. I've had one of those same kind of flowers and never once did it smell up two rooms so powerfully. And I kept thinking the whole time I thought the room was full of a mix of lillies and, it was really beautiful. Even the Church when all the flowers are put together never smelled like this at Easter.

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