March 27, 2008


One never knows how surprised a person can be when we encounter our Lord. I've had time to truly reflect on yesterdays reading. I believe it was one of the names of the two on the road to Emmaus that captured it. There was a night several years ago when that particular name came to mind out of the blue. When I looked up the name I thought it was due to one of the ones at the Crucifixion. So I left it at that, but yesterday I noticed the name in a clearer way. Cleophas was one of the ones who spoke with Jesus on the road and didn't recognize him until Jesus broke bread with them.

I truly sat there with my thoughts wide open and began to see how from this name up till now was almost the same way. Everytime the bread was broken during Mass, I knew Jesus was there. The Gospel hit me right between the eyes, even having faith and believing, he was doing something to bring it home. I have begun to understand how much my life has been shaped by the Gospel, but I never would have thought it was lived quite in such an extraordinary way. At least in my life anyway.

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

Hi MC!
You got me to thinking about how much I have changed and formed over the years. Things all through my life have worked to change me..some for good and some for ...not so good!
I just hope and pray that the Gospel has the upper hand in my character formation. Only God and others can see that, I guess.

Marie Cecile said...

Hi Teresa_Anawim,

I think you've done pretty good in setting some good examples on your blog, in your faith formation. And i'm sure in life you wouldn't have had a conversion if you didn't have some form of formation in the Gospels itself.

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