March 15, 2008


Monday morning began in such a beautiful way. I didn't write about it until now. When I was waking up I had an inkling of a conversation, one that was very positive. It wasn't just that, it was the words that echoed all day long. The words, "a glorious day," that were also part of waking. It was quite tremendous, considering on Saturday I found the picture intack after everything else was in ash. I stopped my worries about the job that day. Between those two things and then the other morning with the song all added up, truly loud and clear.

It was a week that I found strength and didn't worry even when the air mattress went caput. My parents, I believe are truly living saints, because they always give beyond what they have. They did it again and took me under their wing, my mom and I went out to find a cheap mattress at one of the lower priced stores that sells extras, but didn't find one there. We did end up with an inexpensive one from a mattress shop when we left that store. So now I have a real bed to sleep on and not an air mattress that leaks. They came thru in a time of upheaval. But I had a chance to fix something for them without it costing too much, too. So we helped each other out, but they went the distance so I wouldn't suffer that much more. That is love in such a beautiful way. They teach me how to give my love unconditionally, and they have taught me how to give without cost to myself.

They always say our parents are our first teachers of faith, and that is truth. But it's also important that those parents also have the faith to pass on. Morals and such to live by. I am grateful, more than anything, for God first of all giving me those loving earthly parents to begin with.

I may not be a great conversationalist, or an outgoing person that gets into all sorts of projects, but I know God is doing something wonderful in my life for a reason.

Mom and Dad, I may have been a bit difficult at times as I grew up, but you still taught me the importance of love. Thank you for all that you teach.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post..

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Jackie!

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