March 05, 2008


I am taking some time away from blogging, I appreciate all those who have journeyed this far with me, you are in my prayers. But it's time for me to stop for awhile and focus on getting my life situation on the up and up and not the downward spiral that is happening. I thank you for your love most of all. To me that is the greatest gift a person could ever receive from others is love from their heart unconditionaly without judgement.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

I will continue to keep you in my prayers, mc. Take time now to focus on what needs to be taken care of. May He bless you and keep you always.

Marie Cecile said...

thank you gabrielle, i'll still be around, but as you said my focus will be different. The spiritual director I had, had mentioned about getting my life in order and focusing on setting it on tract. But I didn't do it when she mentioned, and I tried at the time to do it. So now I find myself with extra time to job search with only working 3 days instead of 5. So if it's time that I need to do the search well I am not going to waste it. Even though writing doesn't take much time, it's right now on hold for a bit. Thank you for blessing me, I pray he watches over your and keeps you safe as well. (((Gabrielle)))

teresa_anawim2 said... seems like the dark times,paradoxes, contrary winds,(yes..even obnoxious bros and sisters LOL) are in our lives for a reason. Just this week during an illness and the need to go in for surgery , having it postponed and rescheduled this week due to a nasty stomach virus, I felt a need to 'visit' with someone who didn't just talk and write about Dark Nights, but who actually lived it in this contemporary world.
I found that person in Barbara Dent through her first hand writings.
I recommend her to you.

I do pray and go with you as you discern the Lord's will and get away from the 'herd' to hear His voice.
I look for your soon return.
Yours in the Faith,

Marie Cecile said...

(((Teresa_anawim2))), I hope you will soon feel better. Stomach viruses are no fun and neither is surgery. You are in my prayers.

Thank you for mentioning a new author for me to read. I look forward to some of this extra time to delve ever deeper in the mystery of our Lord. I like how you put even the "herd" getting away in order to hear His voice. He is doing something very special with us all, isn't he.

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