March 22, 2008

Faith in Words

For the past two days as I was reflecting and doing my reflections some words came to me like the other day, as a song. I'n getting used to the Holy Spirits promptings in these ways on occasion. The words are "can only imagine," and how true they are. I can only imagine how much Jesus suffered during his passion. None of us will ever know the very depths of what he went through, one can only imagine it. And in doing so we are placing ourselves ever closer to him.

When thinking on his life, death and soon the resurrection, these words kept coming in a way as to let me know that even when reflecting on what he suffered, I could not even compare to it or come close. For that matter none of us could. We can only imagine what it was like. When I went in search of the lyrics, I came across a video called Father and Son. I posted it on my other blog over here

When I was listening to the song and watching the video, I couldn't help but think about that Father in the video imitating Jesus. How Jesus is right there pushing us, pulling us, carrying and holding us in his arms. It was so profound I cried and knew such joy in the process. That is what Jesus does for us and we don't see him or know he's there in that way unless we open our eyes and heart to his love. He is right there with us just like the dad in the video doing these things for his child.

I couldn't help think maybe that is exactly how we are to God, crippled in spirit and he sends us his Son to help us in our life. No matter how deep our faith is, we are all cripples and marginalized to some point in our faith. Our growth sometimes get stunted, we are unable to move forward unless by the aid of Jesus. The thought alone is something one can only imagine. It all depends how much we want to see the hand of God in our lives and in each other.

Even I at times am crippled in spirit and need Jesus to push, pull, and hold me to let me know that yes, I can only imagine the truth of what he suffered to save us all. No doubt about it, but his love is real and not something that can only be imagined. His life was real and so is God and we can only imagine how truly great a gift we have. God Bless

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

Once in a while, MC, I get a lesson in suffering or in pain and that gives me just a glimpse of His pain and suffering. Mine is nothing at all.

What the stigmatists such as Padre (St)Pio must have gone through!

Marie Cecile said...

oh for sure teresa, but he doesn't give them the full measure of pain that he suffered. He only gives what we can bear, and since we are weak, we don't tolerate much.

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