March 08, 2008

Always a Reason

One thing I have come closer to understanding is the time it takes to clean out files and put aside useless papers and paperwork that needs dealing with. It wasn't clutter in a sense of clutter or disorganization, it was absolute abandonment to resposibility. No excuse on this either. No matter how much God touches our lives that doesn't give the right to ignore what should be done in the first place. I did though, I kept putting printed up papers and junk mail in a pile that kept growing. I think periodically I would go through it and think, what the heck am I keeping this for.

The same can also be said about how we think about life. It's taking inventory on how we think, how we feel and how well we love others. It's asking those questions of ourselves and looking deeply within and seeing God's point. I had to ask a question about what I am doing in my life that is causing so much struggle and what it is I need to change. I trust God, but sometimes I don't always trust people, because I've witnessed countless times the evilness that comes from them. And yet I continue to love them in spite of it. It was witnessing how in front of a person they are one way, but once their back is turned or they walk away, how they change. This has nothing to do with me either, I've seen this countless times at work, in our own Churches, the one place where we should find trust, but those I have worked with throughout the years have always mentioned how ruthless and backbitting those very parishes are. Some have gone on to mention to me that they don't trust the Church, they don't use the sacrament of penance, because they feel they don't need to reveal their sins to another human being in a box.

But how do we trust people when they are like this, there is no love there. Jesus came to establish love of God first of all and love of neighbor as we love ourselves. But do we really have that in this world. A world that steps on anyone who is in the way of what they want. It's a pity then for all of us, we have come into the world and began destroying the very foundation of peoples lives, that of trust in each other. And throughout my life I have looked at periods in my life where I shouldn't have trusted and I did. I trusted that all would work out in spite of it. Even now I go on each day with hope in my heart that I am doing God's Will. And if I mess up or am doing something wrong I know in my heart He will correct me on it. No doubt about that, it is with belief that He guides me as I walk this life. Right now there is a reason for what is happening.

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