February 17, 2008

Words of Love

There will always be a delightful time when waking up to lyrics, no matter what they are. Maybe for a reason, and other times, not. I look at it as God's way of letting me know he is near as I sleep and that as I wake it is His good morning. This morning's song was from the song Hosea, Come Back To Me. Those words are amazing ones. I am with Him always and look forward to coming home to Him in a new life, lived ever closer to Him.

We all at some point receive these wonderful gifts of His love through song, His Holy Word as His loving kindness. I rejoice and am glad that we are never alone in our daily journey onward. Just like the other evening when all was quiet and a few words came through, albeit in another language. The Holy Spirit reveals much at these times, but this one was odd as the words apanui, when looked up refer to Easter Island. So in a delightful way, Easter is the focus of what I was given. I never know the reason for these small bits of revelation, unless it's His way of letting me know that there is so much truth to the Gospel. The very life and death of His Son. Easter is a time when we celebrate the life of Jesus, his rising from the dead. A major transfiguration in this regard. With those words a few days ago and this mornings song, I tend to think that God wants all of us to believe and come back to Him.

He loves us so much, and we His children are often disobedient. All we have to do is look at how we live in our own families and how we treat our parents. Do we love them and care for them or do we look at them as a mountain of riches. When they die, we await to see what we would inherit. Our parents love us and would give us the world if they had it to give. My parents help me out, but I don't want anything from them, least of all a share in their earthy possessions. I must be the oddest person in the world to think this way. But I love them enough to know that the greatest gift they have ever given me was my faith, and that is the richest blessing a person can ever have. God loves us this way too, but we need to want His kingdom more than ours.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

I often find that I wake up singing and I know ALL the lyrics yet once awake I forget the words??

I dunno I must be happy even when sleeping lol. Or does it beat snoring heehee!

In fun with love,

Marie xoxoox

Marie Cecile said...

Oh don't you just dislike that when that happens. I've had that a few times too, but it was in the way of the music that always touched me for a message and that part was always important, not always the words. But the music itself.

Lol, Marie, I snore unfortunately and that too might be noisy, but hopefully not a loud snorer.

I like the in fun with love, that's great.

Marie Cecile xoxoxo

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