February 05, 2008

To Be Where You Are

Lent is coming upon us and a time to renew our spirit. So it's a time where we give up something of great value. For some it is chocolate or sweets, others it might be their smoking habit. For these things it's only forty days to give up. One year I gave up meat for lent and ate only aparagus and Boca burgers. In case anyone is wondering, Boca burgers are vegetarian. That was a unique experience and one I wouldn't mind doing again.

I can't give up what I don't watch or listen to so I had to do some thinking about what it is that I could do as a sacrifice in imitation of our Lord. Then upon reflecting he sacrificed his life, but while he lived he brought joy and hope to others. And I still continue to ponder what to sacrifice. Then I thought about my visits to the Chapel. I go after work and odd hours on weekends other than on Sunday for my hour. I thought about the fifteen to twenty minutes I spend with Him. And it was then I knew my sacrifice, it is to give Him a full hour each day of my time. Not just in thought throughout the day but to be with Him in His presence. Even though it is a sacrifice of time, it is also a pleasure to spend quality time with Him. Didn't he ask those who were with him to wait with him for just one hour.

For many who live the way of the world, time is the most difficult thing to give up. But if it was for a game, just like the one that just passed on Sunday evening, guaranteed time would be found for it. But never for God or His Son. Everyone has their own unique way of renewing their faith during this time of Lent, maybe it's time to discover a new way to sacrifice and find some time to spend with Jesus. He is always coming to us to show his support, how about we do it for him for a change. God bless

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

I can't think of a better use of time!
Thanks, MC

Marie Cecile said...

Me either. Your welcome!

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