February 25, 2008

Tired but Home

It was a long and peaceful weekend. The trip up North was a bit slow as it was snowing. I managed to pick up Sister a little past the time I was to meet up with her. I continued on the route when I reached town, and forgot to make a turn. So that put us a bit behind. We ended up taking a bit longer to reach the other destination. We spent the night at the Provincial House and from there we went to the other convent the next morning, in the other state. It was wonderful because I learned the history of their Order. Then back again on Sunday morning to go to Mass at the Provincial House. I met with the Mother Provincial, she is so nice. Her advice was to more or less look at other communities before settling on any one. It's a good advice, considering when we try on clothes or shoes we don't always buy the first ones we try on.

It was a fruitful time, and I met some truly wonderful Sisters. One even claimed me as hers. I thought that was so nice. She will be praying for me. They are a wonderful community. There is something about seeking the religious life and the communities and it's looking at their Charisms. I never thought about that aspect of the community and the gifts that I have that would fit with their community or vice or versa. It makes a lot of sense. What if we all fit but our Charism is different, especially after putting time in with a community. Well anyway, she gave me so much to think about and pray about. At least in this regard I am open to going in search of the home I will belong to. And if I don't find it, then I must continue to pray for His direction in mission. What is also great in looking at other communities, I will continue to learn and from that I am also keeping in touch with the Sisters as to what may go on or what I have come to.

But with all certainty, my love for God is my number one priority. Keeping myself open to his Will and most importantly His continual guidance.

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