February 27, 2008

Tidbits From Last Week

Last Wednesday one of the girls at work seemed a bit uptight. But one of the strangest things that kept coming to mind was my cross that I was wearing. There was another day prior to this one that I had given my La Salette Cross to one of the ladies. I don't know why I did, but she was greatful. Well anyway on this particular morning, I had this strange notion to give it to Daveyba. It was a different cross, but for some reason I didn't give it right away after the notion was with me. Some time had passed and it came from a phone call an emergency at home. She was crying and began to run to get out of the building. I ran with her and as I was running I was pulling off my cross to give. She stopped long enough to wait for me to untangle it from the hair. Once she got it, she hug me and off she went.

I went back to work and prayed for her child and for her. I don't know what went on or what happened, she never said. It was while she was gone, as I was praying it came back to me about the early prompting to give her my cross. I sat there with my mouth open in awe. I was stunned, because this was the second time that I was prompted to give something to another person. The first time was a few years ago and it was a medal. When I finally gave it to the one it was intended for, she said she could have used it the day before which was when I was first prompted to give it. But that one wasn't given as soon as this one. Now I see as time has progressed, the promptings of the spirit and how quickly I am learning to respond. It's a beautiful thing to do what God Wills for us to do for others.

That was some of the excitement before my weekend learning of one of the communities. This one wasn't so much a come and see but one about the Order itself. A few others were to be there also, but only myself and another was there. The weather played a big part in the others not traveling, it was snowing and this place is located in the mountains and close to the Canadian border. I loved seeing the huge lake from the windows and seeing all the ice fishing going on. Last time I had seen that particular lake was when I went to Canada on a trip to St. Anne de Beaupre's Shrine, almost twenty years ago. Long time already. Well anyway Sister mentioned, even though as a kid I wanted my picture taken in a habit does not mean I was called back then to the religious life. Does it make a person an astronaut if one wants their picture taken in an astronauts suit. The calling is something that pokes at us at odd moments and will never let up until it's answered.

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