February 15, 2008


Ever notice that around certain holidays you see the best in people. Their actually nice and not grumpy. Like at Christmas, they change. Too bad we do make those changes permanent one's. The world would really be a nice place to live then.

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

also notice around these holiday times when shopping is involved...ROAD RAGE! Yesterday I saw a classic case on the Riverway near the MFA. I was ready to duck when the guy got out of his car, approached the car behind and punched the window.

About 20 yrs back I saw someone pull a gun from under their seat and walk to the car involved...all because the car didn't want to go through the yellow light. I guess he was in a rush to buy!

I ducked down, and people at the bus stop were afraid, surely. But it was all over and they were gone by the next light change.
Scarey, these holidays.

But then there IS the other side... :-) I prefer that about which you post, MC.

One thing that touched my heart was to see a trio of happy, wholesome looking teens taking Valentine gifts into a nursing home as I was driving .

Marie Cecile said...

Your right about that too, ROAD RAGE. It's too bad that people lose their patience, but then again they also know that the shopping areas are going to be packed along with the roads. One would think they would give themselves extra time.

It seems you have seen your fair share of the ugly side of people, I would have ducked too. It's a natural instinct to do that.

Love is always the answer, and the greatest way...:-)

That was really special to see the kids going to a Nursing Home to bring a ray of sunshine to those there.

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