February 22, 2008

Off and Running

Well it's off to work and from there, I must head straight up North to meet up with Sister. I won't be back until sometime Sunday afternoon. This is all sometimes hard to believe. But for one thing I took a big step when I became a Third Order member, now it's taking that other step and going further. I didn't sleep well since my air mattress decided to spring a leak and I tried to blow up a spare slow leaky one only to be constantly awoken. This is going to be a challenge since I have to drive quite a distance to meet up with Sister. From there we go another few hours to meet up with others. Do you think I'll be tired? Nah. I just hope I sleep better tonight, at least it won't be on an air mattress. Air mattresses aren't that bad until they leak. They are quite comfortable.

Anyway, there is much to tell from the last few days but I will keep it for when I return. I hope everyone has a wonderful peaceful weekend.

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