February 09, 2008

Living Water

Many changes have occured in my life, good ones for the better. I took on a role when I thought this was what I was supposed to do because of what I saw. But as time and healing and so much clarity came about, I saw that it was not done for the right reason. When the Holy Spirit kept prompting to correct it and another person as well voiced it, I tried. But I wasn't given that option at the time. So as I prayed and discerned my direction, again I was prompted to let it go. I had let one thing go prior to this and now I had to do another one. But in doing so, something has changed with me. The last dreams gave me a better understanding of being healed.

One thing God does want is for us to be happy in our chosen vocations. If we volunteer to do a job for the wrong reasons we will not be effective nor will we be happy attempting to do the job. I did that myself, I offered to do what I thought was what the Church thought I should do, not necessarily what God wanted of me. I did it when I wasn't ready and when I kept getting telltale signs that I didn't belong from others, I prayed to discern His Will for me in my direction. I had to learn something from this experience in order to grow and to see His hand in my life in a better way. I went and said yes and am going from there, but in the process of coming to terms with the Truth, I grew. From that experience I was given a special gift, a relearning of the Catechism, the Church, a better understanding that there are many ways of Evangelizing. When God finds us ready to do His Work He will place us in the role we belong. And from there what was wrong will be righted. I was where I didn't belong and nothing seemed to go right except when I was in His Presence. Once I let go, I have found that the path seems so much clearer.

The living water, I recall a time when on the ceiling from a reflection from a vat of water outside the window, was literaly living. I watched in amazement as this reflection on the ceiling moved so powerfully. When I glanced outside at the water in the vat, there was no movement and yet on the ceiling it was dancing. I wish I video taped it that day, it was just really something truly wonderful to see. I always see the hand of God in pretty much everything, including that. I can still see it as I write this, the reflection was so clear. Just like the one in the Church when the door or window on the ceiling was opened to heaven that day and I saw the hands above in that golden square of light.

He rights the wrongs and so must we.

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