February 03, 2008

His Will

For two days now I have had two strange dreams. The other morning a woman from my Parish was part of my thoughts as I woke. But before waking I saw her in a pool of clear water, happy and smiling. I heard in my dream that she was surrounded by the living water. I thought this was quite wonderful, since she is very ill with cancer. Not happy about the illness but about her being surrounded by the living water. There was other aspects to the dream but this stood out the most. On top of it all I also was prompted to relate it to a certain person, which I did. That was yesterday.

But this morning was even odder, since that one had me touching a person with my hands and praying over them. Just before waking, what seemed to be a baby in a carriage, but one not pushed by an adult, this one was banging me in the leg for me to touch. I did ask the parent if it was okay for me to touch their child. Since this one had a small tube attached to it, the parent took it out and moved it for me to lay my hands on the chest and head. And I prayed over this child, which by the way didn't look like a baby but a fetus. But there was something very significant at this part was the words that were part of it. "Do what God Wills for me."

These were only dreams yet they involved healing of people. Prayer is powerful when prayed for others. I don't question what comes to me, I have accepted it with love. One thing I know and have done is follow His Will. But I now have to look and see if my direction isn't somewhere else or in a more profound way a deeper life of prayer. There is much He has given me and much to understand that hasn't even been mentioned. And I am beginning to see it unfold as I embrace the calling.

Patience is sometimes hard also when our life is undergoing transformation. Such as waiting for word on whether or not a council will okay my coming into a community with a few health issues. But as I told Sister, it is okay if they don't want me as I'm sure God is going to put me right where He wants me. After all it is part of His plan and His Will that I follow. I know I am at peace with this.

Now to speak of smiling again, but that is a great gift in itself. Smiling lifts the heart and it also gives others joy to smile in return. There is one thing I have known and discovered in the process, how a smile feels. If people abhor feeling then they miss out on how a smile feels in the depths of their soul. And the joy when it comes from the heart of our Lord. I have had the grace to know and to feel this beautiful presence and how truly awesome it is. No one would ever want to go without feeling his love, his smile and the joy of his heart when we are one with him. I am deeply thankful for the many times I have known and felt the truth of His Love. One thing for certain I am happy that He continues to touch my heart.

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