February 11, 2008


The comment box can give some wonderful thoughts as long as one doesn't miss a comment. I did that on one of the posts. I don't know what made me go back and read a few and I discovered to my surprise a comment from several days ago. Gabrielle, I am deeply sorry I missed your comment.

The ladies have given a wonderful idea to make a Mary's Garden, if anyone has a statue of our Lady then plan to make a beautiful garden. We have one and two of Jesus, but one Jesus is minus a hand. Lots of Rhodies and green shrubs, huge one's. Last year I placed Jesus in the vegetable garden. He is still there minus the veggies. Well anyway how does one make a garden of flowers? And what type of flower, annual or perennial. Personally I love flowers with a delicate scent to them. Flowers with no scent, I might plant. It's a strange habit of mine to go around sniffing flowers. My face crinkles up on the one's that don't smell too nice even though they look nice. Can't help that look then, reminds me of pepe le peu and the odor, okay so I won't go there. Subject has now changed back to sweet scents. Has anyone ever smelled the flowers on the milkweed plant, the weed that has the bulb that lets fly the silk seeds. Those flowers smell nice for a weed.

Now that I think about it why is it a weed anyway. Odd how some of those weeds have some good purposes. God doesn't make junk, even the pesky fly has a purpose. Okay back to the Garden, Marie had a real good idea of a prayer one. A place to sit in quiet contemplation among God's nature. Now that the seed of idea has taken root we can go from there, and that reminds me of the gospel one of the seed too. Will it continue to grow and take root in what type of soil? Will this be a fruitful endeavor or just a seed of thought that will not go too far, this could be an interesting experiment on how the seed can grow from an idea to an actuality. That's how God works with us, he plants the seed and waters it and nourishes it. Occasionaly we hear the whisper of his voice guiding us, just like when we talk to a plant or a small child. One thing I will always love is associating the Gospel with life and seeing God's hand at work in it. So who is up to doing a Mary's Garden that doubles as a prayer space too.

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