February 19, 2008

Come and See

This coming weekend will be a weekend spent with a community of Sisters on a "come and see weekend," for those who feel called to the religious life. I don't know if the women who were at the last one will be there or if there will be any new one's. This one will be good since I have to write a paper for the Sisters. We are in the early stages, the inquiry part and yes I got the go ahead to get to know them and them to get to know me. One of the reasons for the letter.

A few people have asked me if I was going to the Eucharistic Congress from the Dominican Laity. They had wondered if I received the information for it. I did, but I still can't go. Not that I don't want to, I do. But it is in God's hands, not mine. It's his will I have to follow. The same for the women's conference we are having on March 2, I inquired too late about it and it is sold out. I sent my info in anyway according to the person I spoke with. That too, it's up to God.

I mentioned some time ago about some weight gain and now have come to grips that diet is not always easy. I have cut so much back, but I also realized that my job is an all day sit. Then I thought about after work and that too is more sitting. I think by far most of the day is spend on the backside of things. So I moved some furniture, the table that was in the way of the treadmill and started to walk. I placed my calendar in front of it so I could mark down each time I walked the treadmill and for how long. It's not just setting a goal, it's disciplining myself into a routine.

One that I kind of slipped a bit when the weather grew too cold to walk outdoors. Now I can beat myself up, laughingly, because I am to blame for the roly poly look. I love me, but I don't particular care to be on the beefy side. twenty pounds less and that might help. I will start with that. One thing I am thankful for, is to have enough sense to take care of the weighty matter to begin with, and if I were truly sensible enough I wouldn't have gotten overweight, but did the right thing. Okay, okay enough of the plump stuff, I've forgiven myself for it and besides no one cares about it as much as I do anyway. If this didn't put a smile on I don't know what will, because I'm laughing over here because I found it doesn't really matter. I guess I should stop for now. There are some things I need to reflect on and write about, but not on here.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

I never weigh myself instead I get some clothes that are a little tight and once a month I try it on.

Why is gaining weight so easy and losing it SO hard? IF only it were the other way around lol.

Seriously though it IS difficult...wishing you all the best:) Remember YOU are beautiful irrespective of weight.

Peace & love to you your friend,

Marie xoxoxo

Marie Cecile said...

Ain't that the truth, it's easier putting on the weight than it is taking it off. It would be so nice if it was that way too, the other way around.

Ah and thank you so much for that. We all are beautiful no matter what.

Peace and love to you too, friends

Marie Cecile xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm with you there on the weight thing..but mainly it's important to feel well...God bless

Marie Cecile said...

that's for sure jackie, making sure health is taken care of. God bless you too. :)

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