January 19, 2008


Yesterday I left to go to a dinner that others also went to. It had a few Sisters from different communities to relate their devotions. So last night was a first step for me in this direction. I spent the night at the convent of one of the groups that was there. That was the first also.

It was amazing for me since these people I just met and yet last night I remarked how it all was familiar to the point that I saw them before. Just like when I was at a Retreat and felt I saw and was part of it. How odd that God works when we are on the right path. That at that moment in time we are right where we are meant to be. That was quite an opportunity too, since I felt comfortable with those I stayed with. A good rapport. I asked questions, received many answers that took much away from those doubts. All in all it was all part of God's plan being there.

It was funny when I talked to my mom and she said the same, I was meant to be there. Whatever will come of it will be part of the discernment and prayer process. I was also able to speak about and show the Sisters the pictures I took of what I saw on the Eucharist. I may have written about my experience on here but I don't speak about it too often to people or show the pictures. Not everyone is going to see what's on them. It was pretty much a productive visit.

Why is it that a person can meet people but in some places we find meetings different and not always so friendly and yet in some areas quite welcoming. The same with groups, is that why some who began a journey with one, left and found another more welcoming, does it have something to do with the power behind the group, or the type of people they let in, such as like minded. I've always wondered this, why so many leave a wonderful place in search of another. It seems that way with people in the work force too, how to some they are very welcome and others are shown the opposite. Why is this even in our Parishes, schools, towns and families. It's like a giant segregation and love of neighbor has lost it's value. But then it comes to God to help us be brought out of the darkness of ourselves and brought into His love.

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