January 31, 2008

A Truth

A beautiful reminder to smile was given in a comment. And I am also guilty of not smiling enough. I know there was an endless smile for a very long time, but I let the world intrude. My smile slowly vanished, to be replaced by a serious look. Or maybe the word for it is truly austere. I have always been a serious type of person, yet lighthearted inside. But the smile wasn't always apparent. The twinkle in the eye was. I recall moments when I was afraid to smile for fear that the love inside would show and people I work with would mistake it for something else. Yet I do love them and should not be afraid that the love that is there shows. Isn't that what letting our light shine all about.

Wow and wow but I think I have stifled the beacon myself without meaning to. I think I have made God so important in my heart that I on occasion had the look of one who was deep in thought and no smile to be seen. How sad that is then. Can it then be said that it is the ugly side of love too. Where we become overly serious in our demeanor as we pray or sit and enjoy the grace of listening to another, yet not smiling to let them know that they are important and loved as well. I think this is one time that our Lord was guiding another to reveal a change was needed. And I am thankful to teresa_anawim2 for her comment. Being honest about our faults and failings are often a blessing in disguise.

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

Hi MC!
Whenever I comment or post, it is always done so as a reminder to myself also.
This morning I was surfing for some pilgrimage info for a trip I would like to make in the fall, and I came across this:

It really said a lot to ME! And it wouldn't have if the Lord hadn't stirred the subject in my heart through reading your post.
See if you can get it (PDF file) to load for you..it took a few moments on my computer, but the small article was interesting and may speak to you as well.
Our Lady...pray for us.

Marie Cecile said...

Hi Teresa_anawim2,

I'm the same way, it's like a reminder for me as well.

The article said a lot. The Power of the Smile speaks so loudly. It's like the joy that is inside comes shining through. And others who are the recipients get a dose of sunshine. Thank you for the link to Lourdes. I'd love to go there myself someday. God willing.

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