January 13, 2008

His Will

A thought came to mind yesterday to go to the National Shrine of Divine Mercy but as I left I also thought about not going and went to the Post Office with this in mind. Once I left there and was about to head home I found myself on the Mass Pike heading to the Shrine I thought about not going to. And wonder of wonders I had such a delightful joy come to my being. I left too late to arrive in time for the afternoon Mass, but arrived as it was going on. So for twenty minutes I browsed the Gift Shop waiting for the Mass to end. Usually I buy something but this day wasn't meant for that.

When the Mass was done I was able to go up to the Chapel to partake of the Adoration and Divine Mercy Chaplet. What a beautiful time that was. I didn't want to take my eyes off of our Lord and the joy was exquisite. The reverence I saw from the Priest touched my heart in how he looked at our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. That made my visit all the more meaningful. I was holding my glasses in my hand when he went around sprinkling all present with Holy Water for the gifts they bought. I love Holy Water so I kept standing to be blessed too. I went up to venerate the relic with the others, and to my delight the Priest touched my cross with the relic after I kissed it. It was right where my heart is. I went back to my seat to sit and bask in God's love when I saw a fellow Dominican from my class. We exchanged hello's, to find out I arrived a half hour before them. I don't know what brought them, but I found doing God's Will is always a pleasure for me.

After that I left to go home with joy in my heart knowing once again I did His Will. I am finding these little tests delightful at times. It's the trials that sometimes are hard to bear. But I have found that when I get those trials I strive all the more to overcome them. And I find I love God all the more for giving me the love and strength to go the mile. All in all the trip was a success for it gave me a better insight of His Love and doing His Will.

6 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

It sounds like you had a perfect day, MC.
I have desired to go out to Stockbridge a few times, but never made it. Perhaps when the Spring or summer comes by again. It's the 2 hour ride that I dislike, I guess.
But it is worth the trip I am told.

Marie said...

It is in the trials of life that we find our mettle and also who we are. Not all of it is pretty viewing in that we find what is horrible in our own nature. Trials are there to temper us, to help us mature and understand how much we OWE God.

Beautiful reflection TY MC:)

Peace, JOY & Love to you:)

Marie xoxoxooxo

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful..another thoughtful post..

Marie Cecile said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marie Cecile said...

thank you Jackie

Marie Cecile said...

It ended up being that way, teresa.

Marie, We are made in God's image and every part of us is all part of God's plan. Trials are sometimes sent not just to temper us but to test us of our faithfulness. And your right also, my apologies if I don't always understand, that's part of being human. (This comment was corrected of it's flawes by the person who wrote it (me).)

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