January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

May this year of our Lord 2008 be a healthy, blessed, holy and prosperous New Year for many. Let the door of the past year close gently behind us as we slowly open up a new one that with prayer will bring peace to our world. Amen

4 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

A Blessed New Year to you my friend:).

I just peeked at Teresa's blog she is BACK YAY! I truly enjoy reading both your blogs:).

The one thing I love about our Faith is that there is NO end. It isnt like reading a good book and you feel sad once it is completed. This wonderful Faith is a book that never ends that continues and grows as we do.

Isnt that wonderful? There is noone who can say, 'well I have learnt everything I now know it all'. NO! We learn and grow every day:).

Peace, JOY & Blessings to you:)


Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Marie,

I'm glad you went and visited teresa's blog. Your right Faith is an ever growing.

Gabrielle said...

I love your prayer, mc. "...may the door of the past close gently..." Amen.

Marie Cecile said...

thank you Gabrielle

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