January 15, 2008

For My Sister

My sister and niece stopped over to pay my parents a visit. I went upstairs to hear my niece's story of her trip. I am always happy when other have good news to relate. But I think I was a bit shocked when my sister said I was a good writer or that she even reads my writing. That was quite a surprise. So when she reads this she will be even more surprised.

My sister Debbie is a jewel, she has some severe food allergies and some other stuff that has cropped up through the years. She goes beyond the normal for others. When she received an award and I was there to hear all that she has achieved, I was astounded. Here is a woman who brought up her kids, did so many other things too as well, I can't help but be proud of my younger sister. There were times when I didn't say or do the right thing out of my own stupidity, not out of jealousy or any other type of thing. When we hit the bottom of the barrel it's hard to feel like we fit in, even with family.

Both her and my mom have had spiritual experiences over the years. They are the one's that really should have been chosen, not I. They have a strong faith and could answer many a question. They are sure of themselves and have strong support from those that live with them. In a sense I almost feel like someone looking in rather than being a part of, yet I am part of them in many a ways, we all share in spiritual experiences on different levels and in different ways. Sometimes I feel unworthy when they have been faithful all their lives. But in their lives He touched them too.

I think each one of us who love God, have at some point been touched personally. Some may not even know it. I kind of look at His touching us like our own fathers would do at times, brushing a strand of hair away from the face, a gentle pat on the head or a light touch on the shoulder. But sometimes we are so busy with our everyday stuff that we fail to notice these loving touches. It's part of paying attention while at the same time going about our daily routine. It's focusing on God completely.

My sister has a big heart and she loves, and I for one am happy to be her sister. We have a common bond, we have a deep faith, I still think hers is deeper. I'm still learning mine. I'm sorry for all those years when I did dreadful things, but you got me back with that fake out punch when we were kids and knocked me out. How old were we way back then, single digits or teens? That is a cherished memory, she fixed me good and I laugh about it even now as I did then. Silly kids that we were. But I truly want to say how very much I do love you and thank God for giving me a beautiful and loving sister as you are.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Anonymous said...

Lovely honest post!

Marie Cecile said...

thank you Jackie

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