January 30, 2008

The Eyes Have It

One thing that is always good, that of learning. I had a share in that today with some new words in Spanish. Sometimes all it takes to break the walls of divide down is to ask to learn a few simple words. From there our growth spreads beyond ourselves to others as well. If we are not willing to learn to communicate and think our language is the only one that is superior, like with faith we often fail to love our neighbor on occasion. No one is superior to another in anyway. We all came into this world with nothing on. We learn to clothe ourselves, feed, and fend for our needs. Some learn and achieve much from what they learned. Others vary, no one is at the same level.

The same goes for language, we all can speak well some not so. And this could go on and on. But as in life the varying of expertise in fields bring us also how faith is varied in the same way. Those who have excelled in their learning often are far superior to those who are fledglings. There are many who don't like how God works in others lives because of this superiority they have in their knowledgeable faith. Never presume to know more than God or for that matter condemn another for what he does for them. One day those who judge will see how blind they really were.

Those eyes we see with look often far beyond the appearance, we look deeper. But Jesus sees the deepest of all, the heart and knows what we will never know from seeing with our eyes. The love for each other without judgement. I saw you and I stared knowing in my heart of your love for me. Faith has kept me by your side and I know that no matter how many times I look away the love in my heart is there. And you dear Father know this. Love goes beyond language and knowledge, it encompasses all from the lofty to the lowly it loves without measure. There is truth to what you said dear Jesus, love God first and love neighbor, it's really simple to do and not enough truly know how. The barriers of superiority, the barriers of language where the upper hand often shows itself where we can talk about each other without them knowing what is said. The barriers of knowledge and so on. God is the one who will break those barriers little by little until one day we will look each other in the eye and say I love you and mean it from the heart.

3 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

One thing everyone in the world understands...the SMILE !
I always ask.."Does my religious life cause me to have a YES face which would invite people or a very serious, austere NO look which would scare, repulse and even turn some unbelievers from considiering the Faith?
Good thought today, MC Thanks.

Marie Cecile said...

How true about the Smile, and I am also guilty of not smiling when in my heart I am, but my facial expression shows a serious one. I think as you have written, I most likely repulse or scare them from the seriousness of that look. And it not meaning to be a NO look but one of love. Oh heck I think I need to do a face makeover and not look so serious. Now I understand why someone once said, I should smile more. One fault of mine is I don't do it enough. And I thought I was doing a lot smiling. Thank you for your reflection and a helping me to see I need to change in my facial apearance. It's deeply appreciated.

teresa_anawim2 said...
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