December 06, 2007

Perky Cup of Coffee Anyone

Now this is odd, each time I looked at the clock I swear time has slowed down. I was thinking that too earlier how it seems that I get home from work and I never seem to have time for too much before it's bed time. But today I guess I am getting a bit of extra time to do a few things, like reply to comments, do some reading and actually have the time to ponder over a few things.

I started to take my Bible to work with me and began a new journey at break times. This is a good thing as it also forms part of what I have chosen as my life. Being part of a Contemplative Community in the way of Laity has made prayer more prominent. So not only praying or reading at break time I have begun a form of Lectio Divina. In this regard I pray to our Lord first of all to guide me and that the Word I see would be the word for the day to reflect on. It was good since it opened me up to how the Word is reflected in my life and in the life of God. A Word may not have any significance at all, but it is His and it is part of the picture He gives to us.

Then to go on to a deeper level I read passages and discover more to what He chooses to guide my path with. One cannot go wrong when God is the guide and He chooses the time to deliver his sweet messages that teach us each day how we should live life. His commandments are the greatest rules to follow, but two of the greatest one's are Love God First, and Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself. Those two encompass it all. Not to mention my errors in my own life, these two I kept close to my heart. Why did I err in the first place when I loved God, perhaps to learn to love him more or for him to make an example of me, that his forgiveness is great. One thing I try not to do is lecture anyone about why and why and how and how it all should be done. We all go that route in some way or another.

Some just manage to take the long way around, sidestep, avoid what we all know should be done in our lives when it comes to God. I know that more than anyone or at least I think I do. Because there is always someone else who has also gone that route in a different way on a different level at a different time. And each one is a unique experience to have and a growth in life and in the life of God if that is the given choice. It is a huge hope that the world would find it's way back to God in a big way. For those who walked away don't realize what they gave away and those who don't know Him, well maybe it's time they do. And for many who are comfortable with the routine of Him, well I think He's going to pull a good one on them too to perk them up. Like a coffee pot that is perking and awaiting that first cup, hmm imagine the zip that cup gives when we are sipping on the first mouthful. Well God perks us up too first thing in the morning, just plug Him into our morning ritual and He will brew an excellent zap that will charge us all day long.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

It's just wonderful that you are able to bring Lectio Divina into your daily life now, mc. It feels like everything is falling into place; patterns and practices are being established, all ordered unto Him.

Marie Cecile said...

I missed this comment gabrielle, yes it is great to do that. Letting a word a day be a focus of God's Word.

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