December 09, 2007


It seems that I am to do something significant and it is slowly coming to light. For a few days I have had a thought that would not go away. So I finally said okay Lord I will go. I did not plan on going either, but push he did. It seems I was to touch this person and give them the love in my heart, and that I was sent for them. It was the most peaceful fullfilling moment in my life. Peaceful because I did what I was supposed to do. And deliver what I was sent to give.

With this also came back to mind a dream I had and in it was the direction I was going. You see I had begun a journey to La Salette but on the way there, in my dream I detoured, I took another street to get to it. This street ended up slippery from snow and it was also dark out, yet to the Church of the Immaculate Conception it was sunny and bright. This is the Church that was torn down recently but it is also one that is a La Salette one. Now for the reason as to why I recalled this dream the last two days, La Salette has been a prominent part of my life for the past few months. I have asked our dear Father for the direction to my home, but I don't understand why it is La Salette, but I do understand it is also about our dear Mother and her message of making her Son known. I have come to the conclusion also that in my dream there was a bit of reality, because after that dream I had a hard time with the promptings of the Spirit to send me to La Salette and I fought it and yet I went. So yesterday I also acknowledged my own fear to the person I was to see and how difficult it was for me. I learned that I was avoiding my calling out of fear and that the dream came to mind to remind me that I am now on the right path that I avoided.

(Added on)

After writing this I also had a moment to ponder, and somethings have been coming to light in my life that happen a day or two before a specific Gospel reading. I didn't think too much about it or that it was odd that there was something that going on to tie my life as well as the Gospel. I found it interesting and enlightening that God could work in such a way as to show me how much we can live the Gospel message in our life. I had that dream a year or two ago it seems yet it is fresh in my mind and for it to come to mind the other day had a twofold meaning for me. One was the path and the other was also the Gospel reading for today. I didn't even think about it yesterday when I heard it at Mass. Can I say that His Word is truly alive then in my life with absolute certainty. And the reality of His Love. God is very much alive and how much he touches us in ways to let others know of this very thing. It's amazing!

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