December 22, 2007


To continue what I wrote there is something I need to say about the time I saw the sun in the building. I didn't write down the time it happened, I only recall it was two weeks either before or after that fateful day. For me it was the strangest thing to witness and I didn't put it in line with what happened either. But I have to be honest on the time frame and I didn't pay attention to when it came about, the before or after just on the fact that it was two weeks from it. That is the only part that I do recall of it in the way of the time period. There is something to be said about journal writing, and it helps in keeping things in perspective and in a time frame. Something I wasn't used to doing.

Anyway, after sometime has passed there came a time when I was coming home from work, I worked second shift then, I entered the house and was on my way up the stairs when I received a word interiorly. This one was the name of Cleophas. Since recalling anything biblical at the time was unlikely, I didn't understand this name. I had to look it up to find out the significance and that was a while later. I remember asking someone at work if they had any family members with this name. When I did finally look it up and found reference to those who stood at the foot of the Cross, I was seeing something I wasn't sure I was ready for. That and I was getting an interior message of "time." And I kept wondering time for what, the relationship to get better, it to go to the next level, to end it and so forth. I wasn't quite expecting what the time was actually gearing me for.

I might add that if I am off in the time frame as to when certain things came about I will correct it. There was a sequence of happenings and I am doing this by memory of what comes to thought of those times. If that seems the case then it is those moments that have been kept safe and need to be told.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

MC Love the new look and one of my favourite Scripture verses:).


Thankyou for the hard work you have put into your blog. It is truly inspiring and I have loved visiting here and sharing in our Faith.

God's abundant love to you my friend, with love


Marie Cecile said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too Marie, I thank you for being a wonderful visitor to my humble blog and being a light at times to help me see in a new way what I might be missing.

Your blog is inspiring to me and to so very many and I love how you write so beautifully about the Holy Family.

Oh heck, I can't design much least of all this blog, it takes others to inspire how to design one. You do a great job on that too, Your my hero on that.

God bless you also Marie, I like that part, my friend and with love,

Marie Cecile

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