December 31, 2007


The last day of the year and a year that brought much and took much. A year of learning and growing, but isn't that what usually happens every year. So today I will see only what this day brings for tomorrow is tomorrow and will soon be here and will also be a yesterday. May this day be a blessed and good one for many.

4 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

I too like to take it day by day.
But nevertheless it is good to look back and assess: what could I have done more? What did I slack off in?
Through all this I can be assured that He is there with me, working along and guiding me in acceptance throughout the pilgrimage.

Marie Cecile said...

teresa_anawim2, hmm you are now sporting a 2 behind your nickname, not bad. How true what you wrote in assessing. Coughs on the next line and begins giggling because my medicine doesn't help in that department and feels quite helpless there. And the best part is always there with us, our better half, the spouse of our hearts. The one whom we contemplate the most.

Marie said...


Wishing you a HOLY & JOYfilled New Year.

I will look forward to reading your blog during 2008. WOW the beginning of a new fast 2007 went.

WB Teresa:) God bless you.

With love your friend,

Marie xoxoxoo

Marie Cecile said...

Thank You Marie for the wonderful blessing and for your love :)

With love your friend also,

MC xoxoxo

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