December 13, 2007


Sometimes we have dreams that seem so real. At least mine do. This one was about choices, and one that I know I do is follow our Lord. But there was something to the effect about a decision to be made. And one that I do know that I need to make in my life. The next step. I even asked Him if he healed my heart when he placed His hand over it. Dear Father what is it that you referred to that you did something else instead and that I would soon know. And yet it was just a dream. It was also the anniversary of when I first saw Him. Time has a way of moving right along. But one that has been done in growth.

I had an opportunity to listen to Josh Groban's album "Awake." Now that one is awesome, God gave him such a beautiful voice. I'm always amazed when people are gifted in wonderful ways and give it to others. It's as if he's singing to God at times and that alone is beautiful.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

I always remember the Word, 'your faith has healed you.'

Sometimes we need to trust that God has healed us and then to put bad memories where they belong in the past.

Our whole life journey is a learning and a letting go...

It is in the letting go that is most difficult...Yet why do we hold onto harmful memories?

Dear MC...remember that verse, 'your faith has healed you.'

Peace, JOY & hope to you:)

Love your friend,


Marie Cecile said...

Dear Marie,

I have done that, when I asked about healing my heart in my dream it was for the physical heart (I had open heart surgery 5 yrs ago), the emotional heart has been healed. And the same for memories.

When writing about what I saw and what I have experienced it's not just the beautiful part that is shown it's the ugly side too. If we all painted pretty pictures about our experiences then we would see nothing but an illusion and no truth.

Thank you for you advice and love.

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