December 21, 2007

The Beginning

Throughout this journal I made mention of some things that are specific. When I was at jury duty I spoke with another about faith, and one of the topics was about being hit by a spiritual two by four, so to speak. I was hit so hard by one that I staggered walking down the hallway. You know what if feels like when being shoved a bit hard and how it moves you, well that's how hard it was. That was part of the beginning along with tears that had me on the floor. It was a time that I didn't know at the time was a spiritual cleansing. During that process I think my life was on a course that was readying me. Yet the only problem that I was causing at the time was the relationship I was in.

There was much that was being reinforced that I refused to see out of my own blindness and that of the what the other person was causing. Yet it was a purifying test all the same. For some odd reason I believe he was put in my life as a test. The only way to explain this, is the things he put before me to see how I would react or in a sense would I do it. When those things went against what God teaches, you can bet I refused. When I look back to recall all this it's with peace in my heart. I understand how he tests our faithfulness to Him by the trials we are sent. I think also it's in how much we love and trust in Him in those times of trials.

As time would progress so would the constant disquiet I was feeling. I had a good job and then other things began to happen, when I saw the sun inside the building I think was after the World Trade Center. It was one of the signs I was given prior to what I saw on the Blessed Sacrament. No one else saw this as I asked a guy who was not far away from me, if he saw it. He didn't.

I will end here for now and continue next time I write.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

God knows we are weak without testing us. My own belief is that with this knowledge God sends us trials or adversities to strengthen us to overcome that which is weakest in our natures.

To test us is like us testing fire. If we put our hand in the fire will it burn us? Of course!

If we are tempted and know not God we will fall without even understanding that we have. We will then become unhappy and blame this or that without ever looking deeper.

It is when our weakness and frailties are revealed that we realise how Great God is and how little we are.

God is the Source of ALL Goodness, therefore every good thing we do has its beginning with the Divine. It was never 'ours'.

Much to ponder on....

Peace, JOY & Merry Christmas to you MC:)

Your friend,

Marie xoxoxoox

Marie Cecile said...


Nothing is ours, it is All God's and His Will for us. Even when we are blind to ourselves His light is shed on those who love Him.

Peace and Merry Christmas to you,

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