November 14, 2007

Walking in his steps

This must be the second time I knew or should I say heard a song. But this one is a haunting melody and all I keep hearing as if from a distance is "follow me, follow me," that's all I am receiving. All I can think as it happens it Lord I am following you, and if there is more for me to do then please enlighten me. Then I recall too from the last retreat, to ask if this is you Lord in this storm. But the words are not a storm they are a litany a slow litany from a song that I cannot place nor find. But it is one that I have heard before. Then I begin to wonder about my path and where I am to walk. In time I believe he will reveal the next step as I continue this journey.

I had a great day working yesterday, it was one that placed the journey I am on in focus. I love God so much and he is a big part of my life, my beloved. I cherish each moment I am graced by his love.

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