November 29, 2007

Emmanuel Award

Marie and Ginny have done a wonderful and nice thing for many who write about love of God. They have given me an the Emmanuel Award. A blessing for me as all the others who will also get one. Pop on over to their blog to read some truly inspirational words. View From The Pews.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

Thankyou MC:)

Let us focus on our Lord and Savior this Christmas and THANK Our Blessed Mother for her FIAT to God.Ah, what beauty there is in her..a beauty which words cannot capture.

Peace & JOY to you my friend,


Marie Cecile said...

Your welcome Marie, and your quite right. Her beauty is beyond words.

Peace and JOY to you also,

A friend in Christ,

Marie Cecile

Gabrielle, contemplative haven said...

Thank you both, Marie and MC, for passing this on to me too. I am looking forward to being blessed and strengthened by all of your Advent posts this season.

Marie Cecile said...

Your quite welcom Gabrielle

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