November 04, 2007


I just took a walk and cried my heart out. Why? Because I came to a profound thought of how when we see a loved one we look at them with joy. With this thought I realized my own happiness when I go and receive my Lord, the smile upon my face is apparent. There have been times when I look up and see the others, but no smile is there. Yet we smile at those we adore and love. We look at children and smile, we look at husbands, wives and smile. We smile at our friends and strangers. I cried from the depths of my heart because of the love that is there for him, it is joy and without him in my life I am lost. My life is lived and alive with him ever present. I cannot smile without him. He is the light within me. I wonder if when we go and receive him, if we could smile when we see him at that moment before we partake, how it may be possible for him to light our lives in that moment of joy.

6 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

I remember at Mass upon receiving the Eucharist my face would beam.

Though, I did not 'feel' God I knew I was receiving His Body and His Blood. This is such a MIRACLE.

Yet, I was told off for lack of reverence?

....I still smile:).

Thankyou MC:) For sharing your thoughts with us. I always learn when I visit your blog:)

Your friend,


Gabrielle said...

Hi, mc! I've been catching up on all your beautiful posts!

You mentioned in a recent post about showing your pictures of the Eucharist to some of the people at the retreat. I think I've seen your pictures - on another site, before I even had a blog. Is this possible, or am I dreaming?

Marie Cecile said...

Marie that's wonderful that you smile and beam. That's a blessing!

Marie Cecile said...

gabrielle, I originally posted some on God's Wonderful Love when I first began writing of all that has gone on. There is only one that I have left on there. I took the others off. There is an image on it that I see and hopefully others will too. But I had a response from one person who said they did not see anything.

Gabrielle said...

mc, I found a photo on "God's Wonderful Love" of the Blessed Sacrament. There is a lamb, the Lamb of God, lying on the Bible, or on a prayerbook. Is that one of the ones you're talking about? I must have seen your site a couple of years ago, before I was blogging, because I remember being awestruck by your photos.

Marie Cecile said...

Yes Gabrielle that is it, and it is of a Lamb. The other pictures I had on there showed other things. The other picture of the Lamb that I showed at the retreat was one with the Lamb's face turned looking directly at us. Very much alive with the face of Christ in the body of the lamb

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