November 03, 2007

Scents part 2

For two days I had the grace to have been the recipient of a wonderful odor of flowers. Yesterday morning I was graced with this delightful scent as I was sitting here and gazing upon the picture with the Trinity and marveling at God's love. This isn't a normal picture of what we would see but one that I took of the Eucharist and what he gave me to see. The blessed mother has a big part in my life too as she is also there with me. How do I know this, by the delightful scent that is not earthly but heavenly. She is beside me every step of the way.

She graces us with her perfume to let us know that her love is here for us and that we are never alone. Just as God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are always a part of us when we are open to them. It's amazing to have been given this wonderful scent on two special days of the Liturgical year, even now I smell it. It wasn't there before, so our dear Mother is giving me her thumbs up so to speak.

I would never have said that I was blessed before because I didn't want to place anything as exalted as a blessing from heaven as mine. I kept myself from acknowledging that God has blessed me yet I sing his praises. So today dear Father I say to you with all my heart, thank you for blessing me with your love, for choosing me to be part of your family. I love you and I will proclaim my undying love for all eternity.

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