November 17, 2007

Prayer and Answers

Upon reflection this morning, I recalled a moment last week when I realized I would not get paid for the two days and prayed for God's help. You know something he answered by giving me the overtime at work that will make 15 hours. Just one hour shy but that's okay. He took care of my need in this way. I have found that is exactly how he helps me out when things get tough. I find a job and become humble even if it wasn't what I was looking for, this is where He placed me. I have found that even though my problems seem big, others have bigger ones and he answers each one in different ways.

For me I have given him my will and asked him to guide my life and some of those answers are the toughest to swallow when he gives them to me. But I see his hand in all that is given even when I seek a different answer from him. You know what they say about prayer and what we often seek is not always in God's way of answering and that's so true. It's seeing with eyes of faith the many answers he gives to our prayers. Sometimes we are placed in a situation that don't make sense but come to find out later it was for us to learn and grow in. Like a change in attitude or in how we deal with others. Sometimes it's because they need us rather than we need them. God doesn't need me, but you know something I need him every single moment of my day.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

"God doesn't need me, but you know something I need him every single moment of my day."

..and that is the growing of wisdom. It is when we think we are masters of our own destiny that we will sink.

Peace to you MC:)


Marie Cecile said...

It's a good thing I'm not the master of my destiny I would most definitly be sunk. Even though the water can be a bit choppy at times, it's still nice to float safely in God's arms.

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