November 29, 2007


We lost the little parakeet, Morse, yesterday morning. I heard him in his cage while I was getting my lunch ready, but I didn't uncover his cage or say good morning as usual. I think it was a good thing I didn't uncover him, my mom says the bottom was covered with blood. I would have broken down. He was such a love that little one, he never left his cage. It was something he never learned to do before we got him. His life was spent behind bars, his own little prison. But that little parakeet had a lot more love than some of us people do. God took care of him and gave him a beautiful life lived with us. We nurtured and fed him and gave him lots of love. Now if we can do that with animals how come it's hard to love people with the same degree without measure. Or to take care of them as we do the pets. For that matter we treat animals with far greater respect than we do the babies in our wombs. God loves us so much that we don't see his love in the human aspect of life.

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