November 15, 2007


It's a tough time when a holiday comes up. Being a temp makes for no benefits. So this week finds working overtime to help supplement what will be missing with two days off next week. God is good to provide this for me, and I always thank him for every moment I get that enables me to live. I will be looking forward to having a nice long weekend next week. It will be like a mini vacation.

I went to a meeting after work last night and am about to embark on a new project with others in the CCD program. It's going to be a challenge that's for sure. Being involved is the good part and being part of the Parish community is the other. There are lots of good people who help with the many ministries in Parish community. They give much of their time to bring Jesus to others. Their blessing.

I tried something this morning too, I tried in thought to repeat the song I felt in thought yesterday morning and it was not the same. First off, when it's from me it's different than when it comes from the Holy Spirit. It's good to test these things, it enables one to see if we do it. That's part of discernment, don't want to be misguided from a source that is not of God. I've been able to understand a bit better about these things, since I am not the only one who is graced with this. When at retreat another spoke of receiving things and her thinking. That alone helped me tremendously. I think I came away from that retreat in a better frame of mind than when I began it. I discovered much and found a blessing where I felt different and alone in it. God I love you for directing my life in a direction that helped bring greater understanding.

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