November 20, 2007

I'm Thankful

Sunday evening my parents and I were discussing what I wrote on here. It did shed some light on a few things. But the best part was seeing something moving out of the corner of my eye up toward the ceiling by the windows. I looked briefly and didn't see what was there. So we continued our conversation to have it happen again. And I looked and nothing. I didn't say anything to my parents and just figured it was tired eyes. Nothing could have prepared me for what I did see outside the window in the dark. A man and then he was gone. I saw this twice and I didn't fear him either. He was light in the dark. Each time I looked away from the window and looked back I looked to see if there was someone there. But no. What I saw was more sheer rather than whole as we are. No mistaking it, it was of a man.

The conversation was about one of the songs and the part about being by my side, that's when I saw him. What was even stranger when I went down to my room much later the screen saver wasn't running. It turns on after 10 minutes of no activity on the screen and I know I was upstairs far longer than a half hour. It was an awesome message in a way to know that yes he is by my side. It is really wonderful and heartwarming. You know I never thought to acknowledge him at the moment I saw his presence, I just sat there looking at him and thinking is this real. I'm laughing considering everything else that's been coming about and I have to ask is it real. At this point nothing surprises me when I see what he wants me to see. I no longer deny it and embrace each encounter with happiness. Why do I write of this stuff anyway, well for one thing it helps me to keep a journal about it. I do better typing than writing, it's not as messy. I had good penmanship and when I get going on writing it gets not so neat. So on here is the mock paper and pencil.

I'm looking forward to having a few days off, and hopefully I will accomplish more in the way of getting more organized. That alone is a difficult task when life throws curve balls every now and then. But it can be done. Perseverance, discipline and good old hard work will do it.

I gave my kids in class last night a challenge to thank God for everything whether it be good or bad throughout the day. In a couple of weeks I hope to have found a few that actually did it and manage to do it all day long. It's not easy, I know because I do it all the time and there are moments I often forget when others are near. My life wouldn't be where it is today if I hadn't done that all my life. It was something I always managed to do to thank him for many of the small things as well as the big things. Even when I was a sinner.

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