November 23, 2007

How May I Prepare

Now that Thanksgiving is over with we enter into the phase of preparing for Christmas. But what is Christmas all about for many of the people around the world. To some it's nothing, to others it's the Birth of Jesus, and to others it's Santa and what presents they will give and get. I hope it's a time of preparation of the soul to prepare it for the birth of Jesus within each of us.

Is there a day that we don't struggle with some form of want or need to do. I know I do and I place it with God and seek His will first of all. Just as a thought would enter my mind and in it's unusual form I would seek to know God's will or if it were mine or if it comes from the evil one. Either way I find out. I think I've mentioned this sometime before. If it's my will it will go away, if it's God's Will for me He will not let it rest nor go away but prod and poke until the deed is accomplished. It's not always easy especially if it's something we prefer doing rather than doing God's Will. On that note then how do we all prepare ourselves for the coming Birth of Our Lord. Is there anything special that is done? Is Scripture part of it, the Sacrament of Penance, the Eucharist in Adoration and Mass participation. Visiting Holy places to restore a sense of balance, listening to spiritual music or just keeping silent. That was one thing I asked the kids in my class about fasting, could they give up television, radio, games among a few to name so they would be able to learn to listen in silence. The groans spoke volumes. Are we like the kids too in that regard, afraid of the silence and groan about letting go of the things that clog us. Fasting from the stuff that takes over our lives. It's just a thought.

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