November 11, 2007

Flowers and Birds

There is trust in the divine providence of God. That whatever I do it is done for his kingdom. Dear Beloved, I have come a great distance and found life. I found renewal in knowing that my Beloved is with me. Whenever I go out my thoughts are always focused upon Him and no matter what all I can do is say Dear God whom you are my Beloved One, my all belongs to you. I sometimes feel like a love sick child awaiting your desire and yet my love doesn't fail but grows ever stronger. There were times when I felt alone in this love and yet you never abandon but reinforce that love. You let me know you are near in many ways, from the touch of a breeze to the simple word of a song from a hug from a friend to the words of your ministers. From the love that I receive from those nearest and dearest even from those who despise and hate. Love of neighbor is part of you for you love us all even in our weakness.

I got to see a few birds yesterday that pass through the area, I haven't seen these in years. It was odd since they eat flower petals and fruits, they are called Cedar Waxwings and they are so cute. A few Robins were also among the group that were foraging along the brook. It's was also odd to see some flowers on the forsythia bush, since they flower in spring and the last few days it's been cold. Such pretty yellow flowers too, the color of the sun. God has a way of making the mundane and impossible happen, it really was too cold for them to flower and they are also located in the shade.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Anonymous said...

Lovely thoughts...God bless

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Jackie, God bless you also

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