November 26, 2007


I didn't realize I mentioned the Breath of Heaven on two different days but with different meanings. Amazing isn't it. I don't completely associate all of the song but parts of it. It's just a very beautiful song that means so much to me.

We had a Forty Hour Devotion over the weekend and yesterday was the end. The Chapel was supposed to have opened back up on my hour but come to find out the Host wasn't consecrated at the Mass so it ended up later. It was okay, I still did my hour in the Church instead of leaving. They had six seminarians and since 2003 until this year they have a total of 22 from our Diocese. A result of prayer from our Perpetual Adoration Chapel. Isn't that wonderful how God calls those to his side. God will never be outdone in His generosity to us when we ask for an abundant harvest.

It's back to work after a wonderful four days of rest. I started to put up my Christmas Tree yesterday too. A first in a long while, since the last few years have been different ones with many changes. But they are all good ones. Jesus, my Beloved, I love you.

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