November 10, 2007


It's strange when new people come in and work, and it's good when they do. I have found out that some go off on their break to be with others. Since most of the people I work with are Spanish, I don't go and sit with them at break time. I tend to sit by myself at my work station and read the Liturgy of the Hours then a book. But this group that was brought in had an English speaking person, so my breaks were not alone. It was nice in a sense, but I also missed that alone time with the Lord. I will have it again because the one that stayed by my side at break time has left. It was her last day yesterday, we exchanged phone numbers and come to find out she will be at a dinner at a Parish that I am going to a meeting. I could have gone to the dinner as well but opted to eat at home.

Has anyone ever had the sense that they belong to one group but not the one that your a part of. I feel that way and it doesn't make sense, yet I feel like I belong somewhere else. But anyway as with it all I'm sure that in time when it is appropriate God will reveal what he wants. As I embark on each day I give him my will. And many a time I have surrendered so completely that all I do is breath him. God is my life and I have come so far away to be ever near. If I ever thought that my life would have turned out this way I would have run to him a long long time ago. But as they say we cannot change what was but can change what will be. The choice is mine to live my life for God and do his will. And if I fall on occasion all I have to remember is Jesus did too on his way to the Cross. But only difference is, he is the one who picks us up and helps us carry our crosses. And you would think after having done so himself he still will do it for us and with us, that is love and I can give him no less in return. My Beloved Spouse, my heart is yours as is my life. Behold a love that lives for you.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

I feel that way all the time, mc, but He seems to want us "in the world", doesn't He? But not of it.

Marie Cecile said...

Oh how right you are gabrielle, in the world but not truly part of it. We are the special souls who can contemplate, live and love him in our lives and still give our all to him. It's awesome!

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