November 27, 2007


I failed to mention that I took my mom and dad to LaSalette Shrine Saturday. It was a strange call to go on Friday, but I prayed for discernment on God's will about it. And I was also it seems asked to bring them with me. So we went and saw the lights and went to Mass. It was a wonderful time. My mom has a problem with her feet, she had injured one of them and has to stay off her feet. So I suppose in God's way he wanted her to go before the weather gets too cold. And I'm thankful to Him too.

Yesterday after work was a delight, I went to the Chapel after not seeing my Beloved for a day. It was heartwarming and joyous. The joy I get when I am in His presence is awesome. It was a beautiful time spent in Adoration. I am always amazed at what He does to draw our hearts closer to His. Like time spent thinking about God's love. Now that is a wonderful undertaking in itself. Just thinking about God and the immense joy that brings to mind is very satisfying to a soul. He delights my heart. I love just thinking about God and the wonders that we have around us. I can only say God you sure do make a beautiful world.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

Ginny & I have made our own Christmas Award which celebrates the real reason for Christmas. The birth of our Lord Jesus.

We hope that you will accept this award and pay it forward by giving it to your own blog roll:).

Check out our blog View from the Pews.

Peace & JOY to you:)


Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Marie and Ginny, that will be a delight to those who have received it already. Not many on my blogroll.

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