November 29, 2007


Life is full of good stuff and my computer is flawed. It seems I can't upload gif's because I wiped out some programs and for some reason I can only do it via another way, which by-the-way I forgot how I did it. So out of curiosity I checked the computer upstairs to see if it would work and yep it sure did. So I managed to put the very pretty picture of the Award up. And now I am on a hunt as to how I managed to lose the capability to put gif's anywhere. And I know there is a lesson in it too. One is if it isn't broke don't mess with it. And the other is not to deleted programs that are not used, it can mess up a few things and not make them work. So re-installing doesn't always correct the problem. Does that mean it's back to the beginning and starting over again.

With that in mind it reminds me of the flood and all that was lost except for what was kept safe. Noah and his family and pairs of animals to re-populate. God pretty much did that then when we turned out not so well. In a sense we do that same thing in our own lives when we loose much from disasters. We start over from scratch and when we do that, the big question is do we do things differently from the first time. Many of us have had to start our lives over because of mistakes in judgement or from error. Either way God continues to guide us when we let him do the driving. I've started over once before and found myself doing it again. Did I learn or should I say was I purified from my mistakes. Yes. I can only say that God can do the impossible with a life that seeks his will.

I'm always learning and I will continue to learn until there is nothing left of me but dust. If I fail to learn then I stopped putting my faith in God.

6 Words of Wisdom:

Micki said...

Just found your site because of your award from View From the Pew.

I must tell you that I love your last sentence and wonder if it's a quote or your own wonderful words?
(I'm always learning and I will continue to learn until there is nothing left of me but dust. If I fail to learn then I stopped putting my faith in God.)

Marie Cecile said...

hi micki, thank you for stopping in and reading. Yes those words are from me. God Bless you

Marie said...

We see through our Saints how God can transform a soul to the heights. Not all our Saints began their lives as wonderful people. When I feel well enough I will write about our Saints in perspective.

To gloss over their lives is to do a disservice. To see Saints and their faults is to understand the Greatness of God.

Great reflection TY MC:)

Your friend Peace & JOY to you:)


Gabrielle, Contemplative Haven said...

Great post, Marie Cecile. I love how you always trust instead of lingering in discouragement. It inspires us all.

(it won't let me sign in like usual; that's why it looks strange).

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Gabrielle, one of the things I have learned throughout the time I began writing was to stop myself from discouragment and placed myself deeper in God to keep myself on a greater positive light.

I hope you don't any problems signing in.

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Marie, I look forward to what you will be writing of the Saints. I left that too on the comment in the Incorruptibles.

Peace and JOY to you also dear friend :)

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