November 08, 2007

Agony in the Garden

In Scripture I have found God alive in much of His Holy Word. Just as I cannot proclaim myself free from sin. But by the grace of God I have found forgiveness by Him. How he must have rejoiced the day I knelt at his feet and repented with a sorrowful heart for the many sins I committed against him. There is something to be said about true repentance and repenting just for the sake of repenting. And there is a difference too. And how heaven rejoices when we are sorrowful for our sins and come home to God with remorse and a heart ready to love Him.

At least for me I know the depths of sorrow one must come to. I have to think of the night that Jesus knelt and prayed in the Garden, in his agony for our sins, for the suffering he will undergo to free us. I am not like Jesus in this regard, but the one day that I did kneel at our Lord's feet with agony in my heart for my own sins and the suffering I caused him and he died for me, for us. As I sit and write this, it came to mind about the agony in the garden. And for me to explain the sorrow in a heart that is repentant, then that is a good way to give an example. Because one must truly undergo agony to find the joy that only God can give when we seek salvation.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

The Sacrament of Confession is so beautiful. One goes with remorse, grief and guilt and yet we leave uplifted, upright as if one has thrown off a filthy jacket and walks lighter.

This is something our Protestant brethren miss out on. They truly are missing something very beautiful. The known forgiveness of a Loving God who only longs to be reconciled with His at times unfaithful children.

What a Sacrament..What a GOD! What LOVE!AMEN!

Peace to you MC:)


Marie Cecile said...

It is a beautiful Sacrament and many have stopped using it. Maybe someday soon we will find our Parishes full and lines to the confessional long with patient people awaiting the water from the spring that is refreshing and renewing. Praise God!

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