October 07, 2007

Up the Mountain Top

What was supposed to get done never did. I left to go out briefly and ended up gone the whole day. While I was on route to pick up the Magnificat, Angel called me. So I ended up meeting up with him and we went up the mountain. There is a place called Skinner State Park that my parents used to bring us as kids, there is a huge house on top of the mountain. I used to go there on and off throughout my life. Over ten years ago I had stopped going up there, even though I had driven by on occasions.

The day for viewing was not too clear since it was very hazy. But I think it wasn't the view that made the day, it was the talk we shared on religion, about God. He spoke to me and explained a few things about the Bible and how we should look to History when reading it. He made a lot of sense.

Out of that day I realized something, I would go a great distance to go to a mountain and there are some that are right here in our area. The only difference, there is no Chapel or Church to adore our Lord. If people weren't talking up there it would be silence and nature that we would hear. It's nice to see families with their kids and many others enjoy the splendour of God's creation.

Today I get to help out at the Monastery and pass out roses for their Rosary Sunday. So again today I will be gone for some time.

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