October 31, 2007


I went back in time for a bit tonight and began a new journey. I went in search of something in my blog that I wrote quite sometime ago and found myself rereading and seeing something quite wonderful. It is called spiritual growth. When I first began writing it was awkward relating what my soul was encountering. The uncertainty, the doubts, the many questions that I had to find on my own. It was also a growth in myself and coming to terms with the truth. There were many fears that also had be conquered, not an easy feat when I was the driver and finally handed the wheel over to God and placed complete trust in His driving.

I think this weekend was also a part in finding the truth too. Today somehow I got the message that it's time and I know that meant the next phase is coming. I don't know what it will entail in my life but I know the changes will be one that I'm sure will be fantastic. God can never be outdone when we do His will and follow His path that He leads us down. One journey I am very happy to be on. It's like growth stages and we find others that are sharing the same journey and they too walk alongside us as well as Jesus does. Changes are always good, they keep us in shape and I'm happy I have changed in this spiritual life as well as personal life. The two go hand in hand and on that note it's time to go to bed. May God watch over those who sleep and those who are just starting their day.

2 Words of Wisdom:

marie said...

Sometimes our greatest growth is not done when we are happy and content. Our spiritual maturity happens in adversity and how we react and then turn it into Gift.

This is why I never attribute anything to satan and instead look at all things as if it were from the Hand of God. That brings me comfort to know even amidst my pain God is there....

Beautiful reflection TY MC:)

Peace to you:)

Marie..PS: I hope to get back and start writing a few of my own reflections next week on our View from the Pews blog.

Marie Cecile said...

Oh isn't that the truth. Growth in adversity. That alone is a blessing to look at everything as by the hand of God. My prayers go to you for the pains you suffer.

On the other I too hope to do the needed thing and tackle what needs to be done also. I look forward to your beautiful reflections Marie as well as reading Ginnys.

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