October 03, 2007

Profound Thoughts

Ever have profound thoughts only to loose them. When thinking about this I had come to the realization that they happen when those thoughts are also on God. Such as the moments when I have a conversation with him. I thought to myself, now that was a good thought. But as I just wrote it is also his response. I think that's why it is so profound, because at the moment it strikes the heart with much joy.

Trying to explain is often hard to put into words what goes on. But when I talk to him it is these beautiful responses or enlightenment that show me he is listening as well as speaking to me. I'm not the only one he does this to. When we open our hearts to him and make him first and choose to follow him, it is then we have the best part of God. He is the central focus of our lives and our hearts. Our families actually benefit from this relationship also.

I didn't always understand what he was saying when Jesus said, come, follow me. But when we choose to do that even though we live among the world it is placing him exactly first and doing for him first. It is keeping our mind on him at all times as we live out our life with others. He teaches us to give in ways we don't understand. I have always loved God, but I didn't always know how much he really loves us until he touched my heart and made it his own. I think that is why it is easy for me to speak of his love.

If only we could touch lives as God touches ours, how truly wonderful the world would be then.

3 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

Hi, MC! I've been quite busy lately and haven't had too much time for visiting, but now I've caught up on all your posts that I missed. I hope you had a beautiful retreat, and that your dad is doing better also.

Marie Cecile said...

Hi gabrielle, my dad is coming along pretty good. He's still sore. I'm glad you mentioned that, because I am in the same process of attempting to catch up on everyones writing. Didn't realize what a few days could do to a person in that regard.


Ginny said...

This was beautiful, had like an aha moment while reading it.

Thanks :)

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