October 08, 2007


A beautiful shot of the Ocean. We walked the beach that day reciting the Rosary. It was quite nice to walk barefoot along the shore walking in the water. During those moments I couldn't help but think of the time Jesus was alive and walked the shores too. There is so much we do in our day that we often take for granted without thought of the very one's who give us life. God for creation, and Jesus for teaching us about how to love. The two commandments he speaks of, love God and love neighbor. How hard is that, yet we place importance on ourselves and forget our origins in God. I am thankful for God and all that he does to make our lives livable and lovable.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

I have never been a great lover of the beach but I love the sound of the crashing waves.

It is like the ebb and flow of life. Sometimes our lives are a crescendo, where everything seems to happen at once and crashes around us. At other times it is like a still ocean where much of what is going on is within the depths, unseen by eyes.

You give me so much to reflect on MC:).

Thankyou my friend:)

Marie PS: Have you seen Teresanawim?

Marie Cecile said...

Your welcome Marie. You gave me something to think about too, thank you.

And for Teresanawim, no I haven't, I miss her blog too.

God's blessings,

Your friend:)

Marie Cecile

Gabrielle said...

Livable and lovable, in his beautiful creation. Gorgeous photo, marie cecile. How wonderful to walk along the beach saying the rosary.

Marie Cecile said...

Sorry Gabrielle, but I didn't see this comment sooner. It was awesome to do the Rosary on the beach, tough walking but wonderful anyway.

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