October 14, 2007


Today's gospel reading reminded me of last weekend when I saw a bumble bee resting on top of a flower. Only thing about that, the bee wasn't resting, it was slowly dying from the cold. When I was near it and about to touch it, it raised one leg toward my finger, still alive reaching out. I stood there in awe of God's creation. Some how I thought to go get an extension with a light on it. I took it and put the light over the bee, warming it. It was amazing to see this little creature come slowly back to life and walk on grill in front of the bulb. Once it was warm enough it flew in a circle above me and then off to it's nest. I did this to another one later and the next day too.

I can just imagine the joy in our Lord's heart when life is restored to a dying soul. I don't know why I thought to use a light or even bother at all for one that is so tiny. But I do remember that the cold affects the bees. And saving it was on my agenda after I had bees in my living quarters and those were killed by insecticide. It would have been better to have gotten the queen and removed them that way. Sometimes we don't think of those solutions, but it was a lesson on life I learned.

The picture above is of a mourning dove, the clearest one but it's under cover in this picture. I was taking the fence down around the garden and this dove was pecking at the dirt. I talked to it and walked close to where it was and it just continued to eat. I thought it might be deaf, because it kept coming close to me. I was standing right above it when I took this picture. It made my day to have this dove be near. I love when God uses the creatures to make a point. At least for me he does. I see his hand in everything that comes my way, even the stuff that doesn't. It's I suppose in how we look at things around us. How do we see God's hand in it all. If we don't then somethings wrong. For me when the unusual happens, I look at it as God's way of saying are you paying attention to what I am doing for you. And my response is always, thank you. God is so good and his love is wonderful.

6 Words of Wisdom:

Pia said...

Pigeons, mourning doves, turtle doves are all over the place here. There are so many, it's causing some hygiene problems and no one knows what to do about it. On our church, the pastor set up a series of plastic spikes on the ledge of the building, so they can't perch there. People were being bombarded with guano, and I get a funny feeling they were not capable of seeing God's hand in that, lol!

Marie Cecile said...

Too funny Pia, I hardly think being bombarded by pidgeon poop is heavenly, lol. We have many that roost under the bridges precisley where the walkway is too. But then again maybe God is using those very creatures to tell us to look up more often.

Pia said...

And to watch out, too, lol!

Gabrielle said...

Splat. :)

Marie said...

what a beautiful reflection. Whenever I come here I am always reminded of St. Francis.

Thankyou MC once again there is much to ponder:).

Peace to you:)


Marie Cecile said...

St. Francis and the animals, I've thought the same too on occasion whenever I am around them. I'm glad you brought it up Marie, and thank you for your compliment.

Always in Christ

Marie Cecile

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