October 05, 2007

In the Hands of God

The other night when I was visiting my sister in the hospital, it came to me about time and how it seems to be going right on by. So I wrote on it without thought. The same on profound thought too. How do I write of a thought from an interior contemplation and the profound response or enlightenment. I'm beginning to think I need to carry around a small pad and pencil to jot down these moments. But every time I have done that I never could manage to stop for a moment and jot it down. In that regard I lack discipline. At work I could probably do it, but then there would be those who want to be nosy, which is okay since I am more or less an open book. But not so for a lot of others, their lives are private.

I would like to write of the retreat and share some pictures, which I haven't looked at yet. I want to be able to deliver an award given to me to others so they too will benefit knowing they are doing God's work.

At work yesterday, I must have placed myself so deeply into prayer that the person next to me commented on it. She said something unusual, that the body is there but I wasn't. She said I was gone. I told her I emptied myself and placed myself in God lap. I was truly gone, yet physically I was there doing the job. It was a moment in my life where I surrendered myself and let go and was just there. How was it possible to pray so deeply and a person know that only a shell remained.

3 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

It is within the interior that something special happens, a miracle occurs...People are able to see Christ reflected on the face of one who loves Him.

MC:) You are a blessing:).

Peace to you my friend:)


Marie said...


Ginny and I are campaigning for a 'Prayer for World Peace' on our blogs. It simply means that once a week you place a prayer for world peace on your own blog. I hope you will join us in this prayer initiative?

The thought came to me as I was praying lastnight:).

Please check out our blog for details.:).

With love your friend,


Marie Cecile said...

Marie, I am more than happy to do it. I am glad that you have asked me. The Holy Spirit is working through you and that is wonderful.

And also thank you for what you wrote prior to that one. You seem to understand what I'm writing about without too much explanation of details.

God Bless You my friend,

Love Marie Cecile

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