October 11, 2007


I had supper with a friend yesterday, it was a treat to go out. Not in the routine of a day so it was good. It was even better after, when I stopped at the Chapel and paid my visit. He does such extraordinary things to show us his love. Even though I see him, he still will do the unusual. Last night it was the illumination and it pulsed like a heartbeat. It was awesome for the Host to come so alive like that.

How truly alive he is in the very sacrament we are able to receive daily. And yet many look upon it as a piece of bread, food. But little do they know that it is food, food that fills the spiritual stomach as well as the physical one. I remember when I was young and preparing for the sacrament and believing in his presence. I wanted to eat the bread of life, not just for the food but for his life giving self. How on earth have I evolved since then to come to see that the love for the Eucharist has always been present in my life. No matter where I have gone astray, when I had the grace to repent and receive, I always went to communion with reverence for who I would receive. That was my greatest treasure in my life, and I felt deep sorrow for hurting the one I love the most.

And somehow even though I lost my way, he has called my heart home to his and I came running back into those loving arms. Arms that are rock solid and yet not human. Arms of strength that would knock the world a distance away should he choose to do so. He holds us gently as if we are like babies, softly and yet firmly. His love is the greatest gift, one that I hold very dear to my heart and share with those who care to know him too.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

beautiful reflection thankyou MC:)

Peace to you:)

Your friend,


Marie Cecile said...

Your welcome Marie!

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